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Product Overview

If you're looking for a lightweight conditioner that doesn't leave your hair and scalp feeling oily and irritated; you're in the right place.

The Hypoallergenic Conditioner is the perfect match for our Hypoallergenic Shampoo.

Activance Hypoallergenic Conditioner uses only the gentlest ingredients to cleanse hair and soothe irritated or sensitive scalps; that's right - you can use this conditioner on your scalp! It's that lightweight!

We recommend shampooing twice before conditioning; allowing the first wash to get rid of all the dirt, product and oil build-up, and the second to penetrate each individual strand before moisturising with this ultra-lightweight conditioner for unbeatable strength and shine!

Recommended for those with:

  •     Fine or thinning hair
  •     Irritation or dandruff
  •     Dry scalp
  •     Psoriasis
  •     Eczema
  •     Allergies

The Activance Hypoallergenic Lightweight Conditioner leaves no slippery residue or coating behind. It’s super light, gentle and soothing, so you can safely use it on your scalp to alleviate recurring irritations and say goodbye to that nasty dandruff!