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Dynamic Trichologist to help Activance create awareness about hair health

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MELBOURNE -Today, Activance, manufacturers of quality hair health products announced Simone Lee had joined them as global brand ambassador.

“We are excited to have someone as talented, creative, celebrated and qualified as Simone Lee for our global brand ambassador. Simone is regarded in the industry as both a hair specialist and celebrity stylist, making her the perfect candidate as brand ambassador for Activance. We believe Simone has the unique blend of creativity and qualifications to introduce our niche line of quality products to an even larger audience,” said founder Arthur Chan.

About Simone Lee
Simone Lee is an Australian and international Trichologist, a creative hair and makeup specialist and a recognized industry celebrity in her own right. Simone’s celebrated career has seen her as a salon owner from the age of 18, a qualified educator on various platforms, a creative director, photographer and fashion expert. She has collaborated with countless hair and fashion icons including, a shoemaker for the stars, Jimmy Choo. Her hair and makeup designs have graced the covers and pages of international magazines, including Vogue.

Simone’s creative skills have been utilized in celebrated theater productions such as Cats (London) and movies, including, The Great Mint Swindle, Son of a Gun, The Turning, Other Life and most recently Love You Twice Sci-Fi. She is a highly sought-after International creative director and session stylist.
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