Plus Leave-In Treatment 200ml with BOX

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Product Overview

Your hair is dry, your scalp is dry, and you're struggling to find the perfect deeply-moisturising solution that doesn't leave your hair feeling oily and weighed-down?

Look no further.

Our Plus Leave-in Treatment combines the full potential of vital, bio-identical hair nutrient Rhodanide, with the powerfully nourishing molecule MSM to naturally nurture and replenish your hair and scalp, as well as helping you to achieve the thicker, stronger, longer, healthier hair you deserve!

Recommended for those with:

  •     Fine or thinning hair
  •     Slow growing hair
  •     Coloured or damaged hair

Plus is the most moisturising option in our 200ml Leave-in Treatment range. It’s ideal if you need to soothe coloured or damaged hair that’s frizzy, dry or hard to manage.