Glendale, California, USA


After using Activance for 6 months, I’ve noticed fuller hair and less hair loss. I was sceptical at first, but the proof is in the drain…or lack thereof!



Jenee, Online customer, Bellara, QLD, AUSTRALIA


“I have been using your new Activance Enhance for a week now. I really love this new product as it has a much lighter effect on my hair. I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine so it leaves my hair still light and airy which is what I like. I really love all your products as my hair and scalp have never been in such good condition since I have been using them.”



Anthony Pearce, Specialist Trichologist, Anthony Pearce Trichology, Bowral, NSW, AUSTRALIA


I've been recommending the Activance Rhodanide product range to my Clients for a couple of years now. The rapid improvement it shows in hair quantity continues to impress me & thrill my clients! It's proven to be a safe & effective 'treatment accelerator' for Women, Men & children of all ages. My problem now is having enough in stock to keep up with Client demand! There is NO other topical product as effective, affordable and easy to use.



Angie M, 34 Workplace Trainer Riverside, California, USA


I really like this product! My hair feels fuller and softer! I’ve noticed my hair is growing back from when I pulled my hair back too tight causing breakage at the front. I even use this product for my daughters split ends. Her hair started to feel very dry and this product has softened it up.



Di Wallace Naturopath / Natural Health Department Manager


We continue to have many patients who repeatedly buy Activance. They rave about its usage resulting in improved quality and quantity of their hair. I myself have been using Activance Plus for about 2 years and find it fantastic for hydrating the curl and giving it bounce. I no longer need additional stying products or moisturising treatments from my hairdresser. A brilliant product I would recommend to anyone.



Susan Perry Director and Editor-In-Chief My Dapper George


I’ve been using Activance for the last three months at the suggestion of my hairdresser after I started experiencing significant hair fall. It’s reduced my hair fall and my hair feels much thicker and fuller. I will certainly be making it a permanent part of my haircare regime!



Tony Hairdresser Baulkham Hills, NSW, AUSTRALIA


I myself have been using Activance for about 6 months and in that time, I have found that my hair looks and feels much fuller and is much better conditioned. I also colour my hair and believe it makes my hair look darker and hold the colour in longer. Customers we sell Activance to are coming back and purchasing it off the shelf.



Dianne Salon owner Turramurra, NSW, AUSTRALIA


Our clientele love using Activance and we are selling our second and third bottles to them which is a testament it is working. Some of our older clients can see a definite thickening of fine hair. Wives are buying for their husbands who have thin hair on top and they are seeing the difference with hair much denser than before.



Natalie Lowe Professional Dancer/Choreographer from Dancing with the Stars & Strictly Come Dancing London, UK


I am really happy and I would like to say a big personal Thank you, I look forward to see where your product takes my hair in the next 6 months.



Danielle Financial Services Marketing Manager Hong Kong


I have been using Activance Plus for about a year, post removal of my hair extensions. The product is fantastic and has really helped to thicken and restore my hair.



Ashley Bacchus Marsh, VIC, AUSTRALIA


I have been using Activance for a few years now and my hair is thicker and looking very healthy. My hair gets very knotty after shampooing and I find Activance a fantastic detangler, it really helps!



Juliana Brighton, VIC, AUSTRALIA


I’m a thyroid patient, in which loss of hair is common and have also suffered with psoriasis on my scalp for years. It is with great pleasure I can now say that I no longer have psoriasis on my scalp, and my hair has thickened up beautifully. Your products work magic and I am so happy with the results. The service provided by Activance Total Hair Health is outstanding, no waiting or delay.



Jessica, 22 Psychologist Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA


I straighten my hair on a near-daily basis, and it had gotten to a very damaged state. A friend suggested I use Activance in order to improve the condition of my hair. I was hoping for an improvement, but I was stunned at just how much the condition of my hair improved. I just wanted to say thank-you for improving my hair, and making it look wonderful for my wedding and afterwards!




Lilly Personal Assistant Enfield, SA, AUSTRALIA


I have been using Activance for only a couple of months and already I see a huge improvement in the health and condition of my hair. I have suffered from a gradual degeneration of my hair over the last 15 years. I have never been able to find any product which has helped, and believe me I've tried everything. Since using Activance my hair has stopped falling out as much when washing, it is thicker, stronger, shinier and overall looks like it's coming back to health.