Pictured left to right: Clinician Formula 200ml with spray top, 80ml with spray top and 80ml with calibrated dropper. 

Clinician Formula

$90 - $270

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• 200ml = $90 $85 (WM $76.50)
• Triple Pack (3 x 200ml) = $270 $240 (WM $216)
• 200ml + 80ml Spray Top = $130 $120 (WM $108)
• 200ml + 80ml Calibrated Dropper = $130 $120 (WM $108)

IMPORTANT: Clinician Formula is our most potent and powerful leave-in treatment in the entire Activance spray range. Detailed and ongoing professional advice is required to ensure its suitability and proper usage to ensure the success of the clinical outcomes. Clinician Formula is only available to purchase in the three following ways.
1 - Purchase directly from your participating health professional: GP, Dermatologist, Activance Certified Trichologist, Hair Health Clinician, or Activance Clinic.
2 - Purchase from our store in North Melbourne upon presenting an authorised letter or prescription issued by your health professional e.g., GP, Dermatologist, Activance Certified Trichologist, or Hair Health Clinician.
3 - Purchase directly from a participating pharmacy such as C-Pharmacy. NB: Requires an authorised letter or prescription issued by your health professional (GP, Dermatologist, Activance Certified Trichologist or Hair Health Clinician).  

Clinician Formula
Hair growth nutrient therapy for thinning hair and alopecia

Activance Clinician Formula is the world’s first bioidentical hair growth nutrient therapy to treat and prevent excessive hair fall, premature hair thinning, and loss. Combining the regenerative molecule Rhodanide with a unique synergy mix of MSM, amino acids, vitamin B12, and bio-active botanicals, we have created a hair regeneration formula that will initiate, maintain and maximise hair growth.


DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle well before each use, hold nozzle 5cm away, part the hair, apply dose as prescribed by your health professional. Gently massage in briefly, leave-in, do not rinse out. Wait 10 minutes and style as usual. Wait 20 minutes if required to apply other styling or medical hair and scalp products. Remember always to use Activance first before others!


FOR BEST RESULTS: Use on clean, dry, or damp scalp. One 200ml bottle should last for one month as a treatment and two months when used for maintenance. Seek regular support and advice from your clinician to maximise your result.
- For external use only
- Use only as directed
- If symptoms persist, seek medical advice
- Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children


Stabilised formula ingredients: purified water; alcohol USP; propanediol; purified plant leaf extracts of Chamaecyparis obtuse & Thymus vulgaris; dimethyl sulfone (MSM); gluconolactone; urea; sodium lactate; panthenol; amino acids: taurine, arginine, e-polylysine; sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); allantoin; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).