Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle (RRR)

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The Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle (RRR) contains:

3 x Plus Leave In Treatments (200ml)

ACTIVANCE PLUS® with Rhodanide
Activance Plus® unleashes the full power of nature's regenerative hair nutrients - Rhodanide & MSM for growth, health & renewal that naturally nourish & hydrate your hair & scalp by replenishing their ever diminishing levels. Activance gives you the power to grow your hair thicker, stronger & faster with total hair & scalp health & wellness.
Activance Plus is scented and the most hydrating, nourishing, and 'richest' formula out of our three leave-in treatments. It is ideal for those who require extra hydrating, nourishing & conditioning.
Best for:
> Fine or thinning hair
> Unwanted or excessive hair fall
> Lifeless, slow-growing or unruly hair
> Dry, brittle, porous or damaged hair
> Coloured, chemically-treated hair
> Dry or flaky-prone unhealthy scalps

DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle well before use, hold nozzle 5cm away, part hair, apply minimum 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) once daily, or as directed to the affected scalp & hair areas. Gently massage in briefly, leave-in, do not rinse out. Wait 10 minutes & style as usual. Wait 20 minutes if required to apply other haircare or medical hair & scalp products.

For best results: Remember
1. Always use Activance first before other products!
2. Use on clean damp hair
3. Use in conjunction with complementary products in Activance hair growth range

AS TREATMENT: For best fast result, apply the prior mentioned dose every day & continuously for the first 4-8 weeks* or till successful outcomes become obvious before switching to a maintenance dose of 35-40 sprays (8.5-10ml) twice a week for ongoing hair & scalp health. A 200ml bottle lasts 1 month as treatment & 3 months as a maintenance. *For most hair & scalp issues including excessive hair fall, but for hair-loss a minimum of 4-6 months is required for new regrowth to be obviously seen by the naked eye.

0% Hazardous ingredients, impurities: chemical & artificial colorants, preservatives, parabens, silicones, sulphate, phthalates, SLS, DEA...

Stabilised formula ingredients: aqua; alcohol USP (pharmaceutical grade & non-denatured); sodium lactate; dimethyl sulfone (MSM); urea; panthenol; sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); allantoin; fragrance- benzyl alcohol*, geraniol*, d-limonene*, linalool*. *components of natural essential oils.

Rhodanide (thiocyanate) in Activance is a nature-identical, bioactive molecule found in plants & animals, classified as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) food additive by FDA.