Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle (BBG)

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The Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle (BBG) contains:

2 x Hypoallergenic In Treatment (200ml)
1 x Original Leave In Treatment (200ml)

Activance Hypoallergenic is our low allergy 0% fragrance formula ideal for sensitive, allergy-prone scalps.
Activance Original is the perfect ultra-lightweight, residue-free, multi-functional formula that suits all hair and scalp types and ages, including normal, dry, oily-prone and oily.

Use together if you have a sensitive or allergy-prone scalp:
Apply Activance Hypoallergenic to your scalp and Activance Original to your mid-lengths and ends.

Both treatments:
> P
romote growth & regrowth
> Improve hair & scalp health
> Stimulate, maintain & maximise hair growth & regrowth
> Stop & reduce unwanted or excessive hair fall
> Fatten hair strands to increase hair volume
> Repair/mend damage & improve hair manageability & natural shine
> Strengthen & protect vs (futher) damage from UV, heat & chemicals exposed in our modern daily life eg. hair combing, ironing, colouring etc.