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Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle TWO

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The Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatment Bundle TWO contains:

2 x Original Leave In Treatment (200ml)
1 x Plus Leave In Treatment (200ml)

Activance Original is the perfect ultra-lightweight, residue-free, multi-functional formula that suites all hair and scalp types and ages, including normal, dry, oily-prone and oily.

Activance Plus is different from our other leave in treatments because it combines the vital hair nutrient Rhodanide with the powerfully nourishing molecule MSM. Activance Plus is the most moisturising option in our treatment range. It’s ideal if you need to soothe coloured or damaged hair that’s frizzy, dry, or hard to manage.

If your scalp is oily apply Original Leave-in treatment to scalp and Plus Leave-in treatment to your mid-lengths and ends.