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Activance Hypoallergenic
This Activance low allergy 0% fragrance formula combines the synergy of nature’s hair regenerative nutrients Rhodanide, MSM & a unique vitamin B12 amino acid mix for energy, growth & health to naturally nurture & hydrate your hair & scalp. This duly gives you the power to grow your hair thicker, stronger & faster with total hair & scalp health as the ultimate. The gentle multifunctional formula suits all hair & scalp types.
Best for:
> Unwanted hair fall
> Lacking volume or fine, thinning hair
> Lifeless, non or slow-growing hair
> Dull, weak, porous or damaged hair
> Sensitive, allergy-prone scalp

DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle well before use, hold nozzle 5cm away, part hair, apply minimum 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) once daily, or as directed to the affected scalp & hair areas. Gently massage in briefly, leave-in, do not rinse out. Wait 10 minutes & style as usual. Wait 20 minutes if required to apply other haircare or medical hair & scalp.

For best results: Remember
1. Always use Activance first before other products!
2. Use on clean damp hair
3. Use in conjunction with complementary products in Activance hair growth range.

AS TREATMENT: For best fast result, apply the prior mentioned dose every day & continuously for the first 4-8 weeks* or till successful outcomes become obvious before switching to a maintenance dose of 35-40 sprays (8.5-10ml) twice a week for ongoing hair & scalp health. A 200ml bottle lasts 1 month as treatment & 3 months as a maintenance.
*For most hair & scalp issues including excessive hair fall, but for hair-loss a minimum of 4-6 months is required for new regrowth to be obviously seen by the naked eye.

0% Hazardous ingredients, impurities: chemical colorants & fragrance, harmful preservatives like parabens, silicones, sulphate, phthalates, SLS...

Stabilised formula ingredients: aqua; alcohol USP (pharmaceutical grade & non-denatured); sodium lactate; panthenol; sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); dimethyl sulfone (MSM); taurine; arginine; urea; o-cymen-5-ol; allantoin; cyanocobalmin (vitamin B12).

Rhodanide (thiocyanate) in Activance is a nature-identical, bioactive molecule found in plants & animals, classified as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) food additive by FDA.

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    Hypoallergenic Treatment

    Posted by Belinda Smith on 10th Dec 2020

    Absolutely love this treatment spray. The fact that it is fragrance free is fantastic as I suffer with severe allergies. I noticed less hair shedding in the first week of use. The customer service is outstanding and I was given specific advice on how to use the product to gain maximum results. I highly recommend the Activance products as they really deliver results.

  • 5
    Remove Dandruff

    Posted by Verity Cox on 27th Aug 2020

    Activance Hypoallergenic LEAVE-In Treatment helped remove my dandruff and relieve my scalp!

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We recommend using all our leave-in treatments in conjunction with our natural shampoos and conditioner to give your hair and scalp exposure to Rhodanide 'nature's regenerative hair nutrient molecule' at every stage of your hair care regime [CLEANSE + CONDITION + TREATMENT]