Introducing....the all NEW Activance Enhance!!

Posted by The Activance Team on 19th Jul 2016

Here at Activance we are so very excited to be welcoming a brand new member to the Leave-in Treatment range! 

Just as you would take a multi-vitamin to boost your general health, Activance Enhance is designed to help boost the nurturing nutrients found in your hair.

Regular use of Activance Enhance boosts Rhodanide and MSM, vital hair nutrients proven to help you achieve thicker, stronger and healthier-looking hair.

It's recommended for those wanting to:

  • Replenish nutrient-depleted hair
  • Re-energise lifeless or slow-growing hair
  • Improve hair condition and manageability

A nutritive, weightless leave-in treatment, Activance Enhance also contains extracts from pure essential oils orange blossom, geranium and rose. It's made to be gentle on scalps while helping to foster ideal growing conditions. 

Treat yourself to an enhanced hair health experience with Activance Enhance!