Wellness Membership FAQ's

Q1. Why do I have to use the 30% discount code before getting my Members Account?

A. The code will not work on a Wellness Membership account.

Q2. When I signed up for my Wellness Membership, I didn't receive the 30% off incentive. Can I get that now?
A. All members who signed up before our new Wellness Membership program launched on 20th April 2022 were given access to make a one-off 30% off purchase. That offer expires on 30 June 2022.

Q3. Can I roll my credit over if I can't spend all my Loyalty Rewards credits within 12 months?
A. No, all funds credited to your account during April need to be spent within the following year.

Q4. If I have an existing account and then upgrade to a Wellness Membership account, will the purchases I've already made count towards the $500+ target to qualify for Loyalty Rewards?
A. No, only purchases made after the upgrade to a Wellness Members account will be counted.

Q5. Will you let me know If you've added credit to my account?
A. Of course, during the annual audit in April, we will add credit to accounts that qualify and send an email advising the amount.

Q6. Can I get the money credited to my account paid out if I cancel my Wellness Membership?
A. No, you can only use the money credited to your account in our online store. Wellness Membership accounts that have been non-active for 12 consecutive months will be automatically disqualified from our Membership program, having been deemed to have given up their Wellness Membership. Reapplication will incur a $50 administration fee.

Q7. Spending $500 before qualifying for Loyalty Rewards seems like a lot of money; how am I ever going to spend that much?
A. Our Wellness Memberships emphasise the real meaning of wellness and its' prerequisite of frequent regular use (daily or on every 2nd day) of a hair health product like Activance. A routine that has the same importance as brushing our teeth daily or applying a sun-damage reduction cream for our oral or skin wellness.

Each 200ml bottle of our leave-in spray (based on the minimum unit dose of 25 sprays (6.5ml)) lasts only one month as active treatment and two months when used as a maintenance dosage. As a result, you require a minimum of 6 bottles per year (maintenance usage) which would cost you just under $400 (actual cost is 6 x $65 = $390). Add 3 to 4 bottles of Activance shampoo and conditioner per year, and you would easily exceed the $500 yearly target.

The $500 target includes ALL purchases on the Activance website, including our Activance Professional range and exciting new products and items yet to be launched.

Q8. Can I use my Loyalty Rewards credit to purchase the Activance Professional range?
A. Yes, you can use the money credited to your account across our entire site.

Q9. In your terms and conditions, you state that you have the right to refuse membership. Why would you do that? 
A. The 30% off incentive is offered to everyone but is a one-time-only proposition for individual personal use only. As a result, spouses or partners should apply for their own Wellness Membership. We discourage people from intentionally or unintentionally creating multiple Wellness Membership accounts for the same person.

Q10. Why do you need to know my age and gender?
A. We use all the answers you provide in your application to make sure you choose the correct products. We may sometimes contact you when It looks like your choice doesn't correspond to what you have indicated is your main hair and scalp wellness issues.

By letting us know your age and gender, we can build a slightly bigger picture of what is going on, resulting in better service or/and advice to you, including seeking independent professional help when warranted.

For example, if you've ticked oily scalp and then chose Soothing Shampoo, we'd advise you to select our Normalising Shampoo instead.

The different biology between men and women also helps us specify the products better suited to you.

Please contact our office if you have questions that have not been answered above.