Activance History at Absolique

Activance History at Absolique

Posted by Carolyn Evans-Frost Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic on 24th Jan 2022

Activance was introduced to Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist over 10 years ago. At that time, we were using the original formula which was the green label leave-in treatment. Activance original began to prove effective for promoting hair growth in certain Trichology clients when used in combination therapy and with prescriptive usage recommendations.

Activance leave-in treatment started gaining popularity with Absolique Trichology clients for its easy use and benefits to hair health and, importantly, its lightweight nature leaving no residue on the hair. 

Activance creator, R & D pharmacist and regenerative health practitioner Arthur Chan, openly shared his passion about creating the product and its unique formulation and select ingredients. 

Over time the formula was improved with additional ingredients which then progressed to the red label. This is now Activance Plus and delivered more benefit to scalp health and hair problems with the addition of MSM moisture molecule.

Clients were impressed with how the MSM added volume to hair whilst using it as a leave-in treatment for hair thinning. 

As a Trichologist I began to notice scalp health improvement when using microscope tracking. 

This is when we began to use the Activance Shampoo range in the clinic and for home prescriptions for our clients with scalp conditions. Combining Activance Shampoo with leave-in treatment was proving a wonderful remedy for many scalp conditions, again we use it with prescriptive instructions, understanding and addressing the causes of these problems.

As time went by, we were able to share our client concerns and individual cases with Arthur Chan, who created some specific formulas which then led to the blue label now known as the rapid formula which is also fragrance free. With most clients at Absolique presenting with allergy or sensitivity, this new formula became our favourite.

Nowadays, there is Activance Clinician Formula only available from Trichologists and select health care professionals. 

Activance Clinician Formula must be used with prescriptive instructions and a diagnosis. This is the main formula now used at Absolique to help with hair loss, hair thinning, pattern hair thinning, alopecia, and scalp conditions. We notice a reduction in hair loss and new hair growth for most clients when used as directed and addressing the real underlying cause of hair loss.

Note about the video - Activance Practitioner is now known as Clinician Formula.

All the Activance formulas are effective when used as a treatment, in the correct dose and consistently. 

Absolique provides verbal, written and video instructions for individual scalp preparation and application of Activance leave-in treatment to ensure correct dose and effectiveness. 

When instructions are not followed, we find we do not get the desired result. Absolique also use combination therapy where required. Many cases of hair loss are complex and require other select treatments. 

If Activance is not working for you, let's visit your dose, diagnosis, and other contributing factors for hair loss. 

Activance is an amazing product, but it cannot fix something that may be a problem inside the body, hair loss is a sign something is wrong within. 

Reach out to Absolique Trichologist to discuss your Activance and hair loss concerns, email