New Hair Growth Product - New Look

New Hair Growth Product - New Look

Posted by The Activance Team on 17th Jun 2021

We're very excited to introduce you to our latest generation of fast-acting hair growth nutrient - Activance Rapid. To mark this significant milestone, we've re-branded all our products with a fresh new look and updated our logo and website as well!

Activance Rapid is our most versatile hair growth treatment to date and is replacing our Activance Hypoallergenic LIT. But why? I hear you ask. Good question, and there's a story behind how it came to be and why we think it's our best treatment yet, read on to discover why.

Advancements in Science and Technology

As part of our mission statement, we continually strive to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge, scientifically proven products globally. In 2003, Activance Clinician Formula (CF) brought you the world first in topical use of vitamin B12 to maximise the regenerative hair growth molecule Rhodanide in one single application. The benefits of the potent Activance Clinician Formula have been witnessed and embraced by dermatologists and other hair health practitioners since then. In late 2013, Activance Hypoallergenic was launched as a 'general' commercial version based on the Clinician Formula. As you can imagine, medical science and technology have advanced rapidly since 2013. Over the past 18 months, we concentrated our energies on the research and development of a new generation of Hypoallergenic spray. At the same time, we wanted to move away from using the word "hypoallergenic" on our product range.

Our new Activance Rapid formula incorporates the natural prebiotic complex {Fructooligosaccharides (FOS's) and Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract}. FOS's are one of the most widely investigated prebiotic ingredients with a long history of safe use in the food industry. When scientifically formulated into topical Activance Rapid formula, it complements and enhances the regenerative hair growth molecule Rhodanide while improving hair aesthetic, moisturising the hair and scalp while supporting and normalising the beneficial microbiome's growth on the scalp epidermis. Vitamin D is well known to be vital for bone health by maintaining our body's reserve of calcium and phosphorus. Numerous studies also detail the evidence that vitamin D exerts an anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effect playing a vital role in skin health and hair growth. FOS's are provitamin D, they enhance vitamin D's action to promote hair growth and a healthy, hydrated scalp with less inflammation and oversensitivity.

We are removing the word "hypoallergenic" from our product range!

A pretty big decision to make when it's the name of several of our best-selling products! We are doing this because we felt the word "hypoallergenic" was becoming overused, used inappropriately, and misused as a marketing gimmick. Like "Natural," "Gentle," or "Organic," the word "Hypoallergenic" is unregulated and has no scientific or legal definition or status in most parts of the world, including Australia. Recognised by the European Union (EU) Regulatory Committee^ as a problematic word, they have been actively discouraging using the term "hypoallergenic" since it cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergy potential.

We also wanted to stop the misconception or confusion that perhaps because we had "Hypoallergenic" products, maybe all our other products might contain allergens - when the very opposite is true! That's right, all our products - treatments and supporting shampoos and conditioners are low allergy formulas.

So having decided that our Hypoallergenic Treatment, Shampoo, and Conditioner were all getting a name change, it became apparent that it would also be the perfect time to improve, if possible, the already excellent leave-in treatment. And so Arthur once again pushed the boundaries of science to create his "new generation" Rapid formula - a formula more versatility and faster acting than our preceding "Hypoallergenic" formula.

In doing so, we have indeed replaced not one but two of our current leave-in treatments with the new Rapid formula, which now combines the best of Hypoallergenic and Enhance! While our much-beloved Activance Original and Activance Plus formulas as well as our shampoos and conditioner remain exactly the same as before except for smart new packaging.

9 Reasons to switch to Rapid:

Activance Rapid® with 0% fragrance is a fast-acting formula best to:

  1. Stimulate and maintain hair growth for thicker hair or increased volume (ideal for thinning and hair loss) - generally seen 1-2 weeks for increased hair volume and 4-8 months for hair regrowth.
  2. Reduce unwanted or excessive hair fall - generally seen 2-4 weeks
  3. Accelerate non or slow-growing hair - generally seen 2-4 months.
  4. Repair and strengthen weak, porous, chemical, or heat-damaged hair - generally seen 1-2 weeks*.
  5. Improve hair aesthetic (volume, shine, neatness, and bounce) - generally seen 1-2 days.
  6. Tame unruly, frizzy, or static flyaway hair - generally seen 1-2 days.
  7. Improve/ prolong hair dye/colour retention and slow colour fading - generally seen 2-4 months.
  8. Promote healthy scalp resolving oversensitivity, inflammation, or dandruff - generally seen 2-4weeks**.
  9. Delay hair and scalp aging (anti-aging) - generally required long-term regular maintenance usage >4 months.

New packaging for a great new product

We have a unique product, used by all genders and ages - from young children to the very elderly – our packaging needed to reflect this and convey confidence in the science behind our formulas. So, while we have opted for a design that feels more clinical, we have kept the original colours, red, green, and blue, from our previous packaging as a guide that many find helpful when reordering their favorite treatment, with blue now becoming Rapid!

About the Activance brand and our new Activance Wellness logo

If our new logo looks familiar, you might be recognising it from our "Professional" range. We wanted to bring the two product ranges together under the one Activance brand. Our "Hair Wellness" range will include Original, Plus, and Rapid, along with their supporting shampoos and conditioner. This "Wellness" range will only be available online via our site and in our Activance flagship store in North Melbourne, Australia.

The Activance "Professional" range: Densify, Alleviate**, Vitalise* and Purify shampoos and conditioner will continue to be available through professional outlets like salons, barbers, trichologists, GPs, hair and medical clinics, health food stores, and also at our Activance flagship store in North Melbourne (and also through our Activance Wellness Membership program on our site.

Activance Rapid Trials

After trials conducted over three weeks, we ask participants to sum up their experience of the Rapid formula, here are just a couple of the replies we received:

"I found the product easy to use and the had results in the first week, with my hair thickening at the temple. It seems to have increased the number of dark hair in the thinning areas in my greying hair that comes with age." - Kerry NSW.

"This is a wonderful new product. It certainly helps with any hair fall, and calms any scalp sensitivity. My hair certainly had more volume and it really conditions the hair making it shine and look so healthy." - Barbara WA.

You can see other Activance Rapid reviews from the trial on our home page and find additional information about the trial and results in our blog.

We welcome your comments on the changes we've made to our website and packaging and also any feedback from using our new Rapid treatment.

^The European Union (EU) Public Health & Safety Regulatory Committee is highly respected in health and safety circles; it is considered the forerunner regulatory public health and safety body ahead of those in the USA and Australia.

Professional range *Vitalise Strengthening Booster will also repair and strengthen weak, porous, chemical, or heat-damaged hair with results in 2-7 days and **Alleviate Soothing Booster will also resolve oversensitivity, inflammation, or dandruff with results in 1-7 days.

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