For weak thinning or ageing hair

Original - Weightless

Revive & vitalize lifeless non-growing hair in 4 weeks.
For weak thinning or ageing hair.

Plus - Enriched with MSM

Rejuvenates weak, damaged or thinning hair.

For weak thinning or ageing hair.

Rapid - Enriched with Botanicals & B12

Stop unwanted or excessive hair fall in 2 weeks.
For weak thinning or ageing hair.


Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp

Soothing Shampoo

Everyday Natural Cleansing

Follicle friendly sulphate-free with minimum irritation

Normalising Shampoo
Deeper Cleansing

Follicle friendly effective natural anti-DHT, anti-microbial

Nourishing Conditioner
Soothing & Anti-inflammatory

Follicle-friendly, rinse-off or leave-in to soothe & smooth

Anti-falling, Anti-thinning and Anti-aging

A bioidentical hair growth formula to treat and prevent hair loss with your own hair’s biology. Activance is the world's first and only hair health range based on bioidentical vitamin-like molecule, rhodanide*, that our bodies produce to keep our hair growing strong besides other vital body functions.


Any deficiency in hair’s rhodanide levels due to constant stress and depletion either from our daily activities like styling, hair colouring; environmental pollutants, UV light or simply due to health status or ageing will impair hair growth, accelerate damage, diminish its health and aesthetic, leading to hair ageing, thinning and eventually loss.

*Rhodanide, also known as thiocyanate, is an essential regenerative nutrient and signal molecule in all living cells including plant root hair and our hair cells. It was classified as ‘Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) food additive’ by FDA in 1987.

Thicker & Stronger Hair In 4 Weeks!

Activance Reviews

Guaranteed to see results!

"I have been using Activance for four years now. The reason why I am such a loyal customer is because it is the only hair growth and nutrient serum that works. I began using it after a kidney infection where I experienced significant hair loss and thinning. My local hairdresser recommended it, and for good reason, it was the only product out of everything – pharmaceuticals, doctor’s referral’s, other expensive serums that produced no results – to work. I have very fine hair and I could not believe the results after a few weeks. It is instantly absorbed upon spraying and doesn’t weigh down the hair or is oily at all. You are guaranteed to see results, trust me. I am a very sceptical and critical person – but I have stuck with Activance and praised it’s results to friends and family. There is honestly no other product that does the job any better than Activance."

Caitlin S

Reduced hair fall!

"Since using Activance products my hair has improved so much. My scalp is no longer dry, my hair is light and bouncy with reduced hair fall. Products are lightweight, perfect for my fine hair. All good things come to those who wait! That's exactly how I sum up Activance hair care."

Jennifer S

So much thicker & long!

"I have used Activance for at least 10 years. During that time my hair has got so much thicker and long. Everyone compliments me on my hair, they can’t believe that for coloured hair it looks so healthy and especially for my age ( I have turned 60) as many people suffer from hair thinning around menopause. I have used Activance at least two/ three times a week and honestly I know that this is the only reason my hair is as good as it is !! Thanks Activance !!"

Barbara M

Super happy!

"I’ve been using Activance products for about 8 months. I’ve notice a massive difference in thickness and growth. Super happy."

Jade B

Nothing comes close to it!

"I have been using Activance for years now and nothing comes close to it. I recommend to friends family and clients."

Stacey M

Thank you for helping my thinning hair!

"Activance helps my hair feel fuller and healthier every time I use it. I notice a difference when I'm not using it. Easy to use and it smells great. Thank you for helping my thinning hair!"

Leanne T

Helps slow hair thinning whilst being easy on the psoriasis!

"Activance shampoo and conditioner are great. Helps slow hair thinning whilst being easy on the psoriasis on my scalp."

Rene C

Definitely getting more volume!

"I have been using Activance Shampoo Conditioner and nutrient since April 2023 and I am very pleased with the healthy look of my hair. It's definitely getting more volume."

Marilyn M

My hair feels stronger and healthier!

"I've been using your products now for 5+ years and they are brilliant. Previously I would notice hair fall when drying my hair each morning. This has greatly reduced and my hair feels stronger and healthier."

Nigel J

Fallout has definitely slowed!

"I have only used the shampoo conditioner and hair regrowth for 2 months. My hair volume has increased . My scalp is so much healthier and the excess hair fallout has definitely slowed I am looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months."

Paul F

My hairdresser recommended Activance!

"My hairdresser recommended Activance original and have been using ever since to help with hair breakage and to increase strength and volume of my hair and to reduce thinning."

Jacqui M

Significantly reduced my hairloss!

"I have been using Activance Professional for a while now and find it works very well to alleviate my itchy scalp and has significantly reduced my hairloss. As a professional hairdresser I have recommended it to many of my clients with great success thanks Activance."

Karen M

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