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The power to change your hair

Activance is the world’s first bioidentical hair growth health range based on an essential vitamin-like molecule, rhodanide, that our bodies have the inborn ability to keep our hair growing strong and healthy beside other vital body functions.


Rhodanide, also known as thiocyanate, is an essential regenerative nutrient and signal molecule in all living cells including plant root hair and our hair cells. It was classified as ‘Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) food additive’ by FDA in 1987.

Activance – Anti-falling, Anti-thinning and Anti-aging

Any deficiency in hair’s rhodanide levels due to constant stress and depletion either from our daily activities like styling, hair colouring; environmental pollutants, UV light or simply due to health status or aging will impair hair growth, accelerate damage, diminish its health and aesthetic, leading to hair aging, thinning and eventually loss.

Activance 9-way action unleashes the power of nature

By replenishing and boosting this vital hair vitamin, Activance works with the biology of our hair, not against it, to change our hair as what nature's intent to help to:










Activance - NOT just for hair loss!
Thick, strong vibrant hair for everyone! 

As the natural solution for excessive hair fall, thinning and hair loss, Activance is also perfect for incorporating into our daily hair health routine to promote, maintain or maximise growth to give thick, strong vibrant hair & healthy scalps for entire family- all ages, genders & stages including pregnant or breast-feeding women.


Why Activance is different? Why Activance is NOT another hair care product? [more]

Stop hair loss and regrow your hair naturally

Activance Original

Best for normal to oily hair/scalp

Low allergy and mildly scented, this ground- breaking stabilised formula was originally developed by German scientists for hair loss.


It is weightless, the least nourishing out of the three formulas making it ideal for those who have very fine hair strands, suffer from easily weight-down hair or oily hair or/and oily scalp.


As a universal, versatile, foolproof formula, it is a wise & safe choice to start with leaving Activance Rapid or Plus as future option if needed or preferred.

Activance Rapid

Best for normal to dry hair/scalp


Low allergy, 0% fragrance, a new generation formula infused with special short fructose (sugar) chains and Beet root extract to act as prebiotic, to enhance the action & benefit of vitamin D in hair and skin.


Together with synergy power of the nature’s hair growth nutrients- Rhodanide, vitamin B12, MSM and special amino acids mix, this unique formula delivers thicker, stronger and vibrant hair fast while providing additional power in hydration, nourishment, flyaway reduction and colour retention.

Activance Plus

Best for normal to dry hair/scalp


Low allergy, mildly scented, advanced formula unleashes the synergy of the regenerative, hydrating and antioxidative power of nature’s beauty molecules methylsulfonylmethane MSM & Rhodanide to maximise hair revitalization, growth & health.


It is the most hydrating, nourishing and soothing out of the three treatments making the ideal choice for individuals who want the dry, porous, damaged hair to be fixed quicker or for those who simply prefer extra hydrating, nourishing or conditioning formula.

Activance Treatment Selection Guide

The Original, Rapid & Plus contain the same potency in hair growth vitamin Rhodanide with increasing order in hydration & nourishing power. This chart serves as guide only as individual preference could be different or vary with times because of changing needs. Simply choose the one best suited to you. If in doubt, start with the Original, the universal formula, leaving the other two as future choice if needed.

Still not sure about which Activance Leave-In Treatment would best suit you? Now you can purchase all three in our small 80ml size to try to find out.

Complete Hair Growth,
Strengthen & Support

Maximise your hair and scalp wellness benefits when you use Activance Hair Treatments in conjunction with our Shampoos & Conditioner.
For Complete Hair Growth, Strengthen & Support

Hair Growth & Strengthen
Treatment Bundle

The NATURAL hair nutrient for the entire family, including pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.
Non-sticky, residue-free & quick & easy to use.
For Natural & Effective Hair Growth & Strengthen Treatments
Healthy Hair Growth
Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

Gentle chemical-free Shampoos & Conditioner. 
Normalising =  [Normal-Oily]
Soothing = [Normal-Dry]

For 100% Clean & Pure Shampoo & Conditioner

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About us

Activance is a ‘Hair Health’ company offering effective products that adhere to our seven-pillar philosophy of Naturalness, Science, Functionality, Purity, Gentleness, Simplicity, and Wellness.


Our preventative and proactive approach ensures that the entire Activance range causes NO short or long-term health and safety issues to you: your skin, eyes, scalp, hair shafts and follicles. Or any harm to the environment.


HAIR HEALTH products contain follicle-friendly, non-irritant, non-hazardous ingredients and impurities. They cause no, or minimal, irritation or harm to hair follicles and structure, general personal health and the environment. Instead, they support and improve hair and follicular health with regular use, promoting, maintaining, and maximising growth, strength, and vibrance, resulting in natural, long-lasting hair.


HAIR CARE products provide a short- to medium-term hair aesthetic, relief or cover. However, they may contain irritants, hazardous ingredients or impurities that harm hair structure and follicles and potentially impact its growth, personal health and the wider environment. Therefore, the hair aesthetic obtained via ‘Hair Care’ products is usually superficial without helping or improving the underlying health status.

The information and references on this website have not been evaluated by governmental or regulatory bodies and departments like TGA, FDA etc. We do not intend to make claims, nor do we aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. Information, references, and testimonies are shared for educational and information purposes only. We highly recommend you consult your health professional practitioner or our regenerative health consultant from our Activance Clinic to discuss your individual case and needs before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are taking medications or have a medical condition.