Original Growth Thickening Spray

A clean, vegan, versatile hair thickening spray that leaves hair looking thicker, fuller, and healthier naturally in as soon as 10 days!

  • Visibly increases the appearance of hair density
  • Stops hair fall and signs of shedding in 10 days
  • Re-grows your own hair naturally in 90 days
  • Leaves hair feeling and looking healthier, stronger, and more resilient

This best-selling hair thickening spray, powered by 'rhodanide' and bioactive plant ingredients, reduces signs of shedding and hair loss. Apply this versatile, no-mess, non-greasy formula directly to the scalp and hair daily to support a healthy scalp and more resilient hair strands

*Best for Normal to oily or fine hair

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200ml Original hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box.
Original hair growth nutrient Eco Pack spray top bottle  and box with two refill bottles.
Original Combo 200ml hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box plus a 80ml spray top bottle.
Original Combo 200ml hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box plus a 80ml spray dropper bottle.
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Bioactive Botanicals!

Activance Original is the world's 1st bioidentical hair growth nutrient formula to treat & prevent hair loss with rhodanide, the same molecule made by our bodies for hair growth & other regenerative functions.

Invented by German scientists in the late 1990s after more than half a century of research & 6 years of clinical studies, this ground-breaking formula works with the biology of your hair, enabling you to grow & regrow your own thick, strong, vibrant, healthy hair.
  • Resolving hair thinning or hair loss or lifeless, slow-growing, weak or damaged hair or for those who simply want to grow or maintain thick, strong, vibrant hair & healthy scalp.
  • An ultra-lightweight & lightly nourishing formula to suit all hair & scalp types, especially those with fine hair strands or who suffer from easily weighed-down hair or have oily hair or scalp.
  • A universal, versatile, low-allergy fragrant formula, a wise & safe choice to start with, leaving other more enriched formulas like Activance Rapid, Plus & others as a future option when needed or preferred.
  • Activance Original is suitable for the entire family, all ages & stages, including pregnant & breastfeeding women.
Activance Original, Plus & Rapid have the same hair growth nutrient potency of rhodanide & will deliver these benefits at different speeds depending on the composition.
  • Accelerate & prolong hair growth
  • Revive & energise hair follicles to grow & regrow
  • Reverse & reduce thinning, hair loss & ageing
  • Minimise or stop unwanted hair fall or shedding
  • Promote & maintain thicker, stronger, vibrant hair
  • Strengthen & protect the entire hair structure - root to tip
  • Replenish, hydrate & nourish to boost vitality
  • Purify harmful free radicals to reduce irritation
  • Improve scalp health, hair styling & aesthetic
Stabilised formula ingredients: aqua; undenatured alcohol (USP/BP pharmaceutical grade); bioactive extracts of Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki) & Sophora japonica (flavonoids enriched); sodium lactate; panthenol (provitamin of vitamin B5/pantothenic acid); sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); allantoin. v2024April
QUICK! as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
1. Shake the bottle, aim the nozzle close to the affected scalp
2. Part hair, spray direct to scalp, massage briefly
3. Leave in, wait 5-10 minutes & style as usual
NO Residue – NO Mess – NO Stress!

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200ml Original hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box.
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General Information

As its name suggests, Activance Original was the first leave-in hair nutrient spray in the Activance range aa

The Original formula was developed by German professors and scientists in the 1990s, and is based on more than half a century of research and six years of clinical studies before it was launched commercially in Europe in 1997.

Today this ground-breaking formula is a firm favourite for many because of its all-in-one effectiveness in combating excessive hair fall (shedding) and thinning or/and hair loss. 

Originals' ability doesn't stop at hair growth; it also stabilises and rebalances unhealthy, oily or flake-prone scalps while strengthening, thickening and improving hair and its aesthetic at the same time.

Activance Original is a weightless, universal, fail-safe formula that suits all ages, genders and stages, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

With its benefits not limited to hair growth alone, it should be part of the entire family's regular daily hair wellness routine!

Customer Reviews

16 reviews

  • 4

    Hair regrows

    Posted by Arlene Delahenty on 31st Mar 2024

    This product definitely works well. I had a number of completely bald patches about 2inches round on my scalp Which now are completely covered with hair 2 and1/2 inches long Which is after about 8 weeks of use. I will continue to use it and the hair will continue to grow.

  • 5

    Hair loss Spray

    Posted by Steven Molnar on 18th Nov 2023

    Been using it for a couple of months, has definitely made a load of difference.

  • 5

    Very good

    Posted by Eirene Hofstetter on 19th Sep 2023

    Still have some however will continue to use as it gave my hair volume

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