Benefits of Activance

Not just for hair loss, Activance with Rhodanide is your natural solution for hair and scalp health

Rhodanide (Thiocyanate) — the principal bioactive ingredient in Activance, is a natural, bioidentical, nutrient molecule vital for hair growth, health and quality. It is essential in activating dormant cells, increasing metabolism, cell multiplication and growth. It is a natural androgen receptor blocker competing with DHT to engage with the androgen receptors, thus relieving/reducing the DHT hair growth inhibition of scalp hair follicles. It is a safe and effective molecule that works harmoniously with the body’s biology, delivering hair and scalp health for all.

Using Activance with Rhodanide will benefit hair and scalp in these nine ways

1. Activance will accelerate hair growth in just eight weeks

Rhodanide’s regenerative and anti-free radical properties protect, defend and restore hair and scalp health, normalising, preserving, promoting and encouraging an optimal micro-environment and microbiota for healthy hair growth in just eight weeks.

2. The Rhodainde in Activance positively impacts the hair cycle, reviving and energising hair growth

When an Activance hair growth treatment is applied regularly and at the correct dose, hair fall, loss and ageing are reversed. Indeed hair growth is revived with the regenerated follicles appearing denser and thicker and with more vigorous growth. READ MORE.

3. Activance with Rhodanide is scientifically proven to stop hair fall and excessive hair loss

A clinical study on genetic hair loss yielded the following results. Immediately, 90% of users notice a visible increase in hair volume,
thickness and shine. After four weeks, 75% of users reported that their rate of hair loss had reduced or stopped altogether. After six months, 80% of users had regrown their hair, and many reported significant reductions in scalp irritation, seborrhea and dandruff.

4. It instantly thickens hair strands adding density and body to thin hair

Increases the water-binding capacities of the hair keratin fibres by 50–120% (depending on the formula used) to swell and fatten hair strands and give fuller hair with an increase in overall hair volume.

5. Activance with Rhodanide nourishes and hydrates to resolve dry hair

A natural moisturiser, rhodanide increases the water content in hair keratins by more than 50%, increasing the hair’s physical-chemical qualities, such as volume, elasticity, strength and manageability. This is a lasting effect since hair treated with rhodanide and dried over 24 hours still has a higher mass than untreated hair.

6. Activance strengthens and repairs hair damaged by chemicals and heat

Repairs and strengthens weakened, damaged, or broken hair bondings, including disulphide bonds of keratin fibres resulting from heat, physical, chemical, and environmental stress. Also, heat blow-drying, ironing, chemical cleansing products, dyes, relaxers/perms, smoking and some drugs. Environmental damage: includes UV, pollutants, salt and chlorine pool water.

7. Activance improves hair aesthetic from roots to tips

Regular and prolonged use strengthens hair shafts, hydrates, and mends weakened or broken keratin bonds. It closes cuticles and hydrates hair, fattening and increasing volume, elasticity and resilience while improving the overall hair aesthetic.

8. Rhodanide has powerful anti-inflammation properties that gently soothe irritated scalps

Activance alleviates common scalp issues such as scalp tenderness, over-sensitivity, itch, irritation, inflammation, dandruff and seborrhoea dermatitis. It rebalances sebum production from under/over-active sebaceous glands.

9. Activance is a natural way to purify and detoxify, aiding hair growth and scalp health

Replenishing lost rhodanide using Activance treatments will gently detox your hair and scalp, promote growth and delay premature thinning and ageing. It supports and renormalises beneficial microbiome growth on the scalp epidermis, promoting a healthy scalp for hair growth.

Activance - the power to change your hair

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