Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How long do Activance leave-in treatments take to work?

A. ACTIVE TREATMENT DOSAGE*: Following is an estimated timeline for improving parameters that could be observed or monitored after a proper dosage daily of Activance spray for people who suffer from one of the following hair and scalp issues. The timeline is valid only when their health and nutrition status is reasonable or rectified.

Thinning hair or hair loss of various types:   

• Androgenetic hair loss in men or women  

• Alopecia areata (AA)

Lengthens and extends the hair cycle’s anagen (growth phase) and reactivates dormant follicles to promote and maximise hair growth to give denser and thicker hair and volume.

4–8 months for hair regrowth depending on the type and extent of hair loss. 10+ months for AA.

Unwanted or excessive falling hair:

•  Telogen effluvium, chronic or  acute anagen effluvium

Prolong and extend the exogen (hair falling out) phase of the hair cycle to reduce unwanted or excessive hair falling out per given time.

We have generally seen in 4-8 weeks.

2–4 weeks with Activance Rapid.  

Excluding anagen effluvium.

Lifeless, non- or slow-growing hair

Increases cellular metabolism to re-energise and accelerate hair growth. Note, the growth rate of hair decreases like all other organs in our body as we age.

Generally 2–4 months. Normal scalp hair grows one centimetre per month.

Traction alopecia

Physical: backcombing, hair braiding, tight ponytail, hair extensions.

Generally seen in 1–2 weeks.  

2-7 days with Activance Professional Vitalise spray.

Hair and scalp ageing - senescent alopecia (hair loss)

Regenerates and vitalises hair and scalp to promote hair growth while moderating its ageing (anti-ageing).

Requires long term regular maintenance usage 2–3 times per week.

Fine or thin hair with little or no volume

Increases the water-binding capacities of the hair keratin fibres by 50–120% (depending on the formula used) to swell and fatten hair strands and give fuller hair with an increase in overall hair volume.

Increased hair volume is generally seen in 2–7 days.

Weak, brittle, porous, or damaged hair


Dye colour fading

Repairs and strengthens the weakened, damaged, or broken hair bondings, including the disulphide (disulfide) bonds of keratin fibres resulting from heat, physical, chemical, and environmental stress. Also heat blow-drying, ironing, chemical cleansing products, dyes, relaxers/perms, smoking and some drugs. Environmental damage: includes UV, pollutants, salt and chlorine pool water.

Improves and strengthens hair structure to hold onto the dye to increase and prolong hair dye and colour retention and to slow colour fading.

Generally seen in 1–2 weeks.  

2–7 days with Activance Professional Vitalise spray.


Colour retention generally seen 2–4 months.

Dry, dull, or unruly hair

Hydrates the entire hair from roots to tips and tames unruly frizzy or static flyaway hair. Closes, tightens and smooths the hair cuticle to give natural shine and improve hair aesthetic with volume, shine, neatness and bounce.

Generally seen 1–2 weeks.

Itchy, inflamed, or problematic scalp - dry or oily, sensitive/hypersensitive/irritated, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis

Hydrates and soothes dry, sensitive or irritated scalps.

• Rebalances sebum production from under/over-active sebaceous glands.

• Supports and renormalises beneficial microbiome growth on the scalp epidermis, promoting a healthy scalp for hair growth. 

• Resolves hypersensitivity, irritation, inflammation and dandruff.

2–7 days for Activance Professional Alleviate. 

Excluding serious infections such as tinea or systemic infection.

Apply a minimum of 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) once daily (every day) to the affected scalp and hair areas and their surroundings. Ensure minimum 20-22 sprays on the scalp/hair roots and 10-8 sprays on mid-lengths and ends of hair shafts. For severe cases, you can apply twice a day. 

Q. 2. What's the difference between Original & Plus Treatments?

A. Firstly it's important to note that all three leave-in treatments, Original, Plus, and Rapid, contain the same strength/potency of hair growth nutrient molecule Rhodanide for thicker, stronger, vibrant, manageable hair and healthy scalp.

Activance Original is scented and the lightest 'least rich' formula of the three leave-in treatments. It's an all-purpose treatment for all hair and scalp types; being ultra-lightweight makes it ideal for those who have fine hair or suffer from easily weighed-down hair.
Activance Plus is also scented, the most hydrating, nourishing, and 'richest' formula out of the three leave-in treatments. It is ideal for dry, coloured, or damaged hair and scalp.
Activance Rapid is our unscented formula sitting in the middle; it offers the best of both worlds. It's an all-purpose treatment for all hair and scalp types, including those with sensitive, itchy scalps.

*In some circumstances, you may benefit from alternating between Plus and Original.
Suppose you have fine or easily weighed-down hair that you colour infrequently (every 3-4-months). Using Activance Plus for the 1st 2-4 weeks after colouring will deliver the extra hydrating, soothing, and nourishing required to repair dry, brittle, and damaged hair quicker. After four weeks of usage (every day/alternate days) and once the damaged hair has mended, switch to using the ultra-lightweight Original formula on its own as you may find the Plus will be too rich for your fine hair for continued use.

Q. 3. Can Activance be used on sensitive scalps?

A. Yes, you definitely can.
The entire Activance product range are low allergy formulas. In particular, our Activance Rapid leave-in treatment spray is unscented with 0% fragrance. Together with the mild soothing action that is slightly stronger than in Original but less so in Plus, It's an all-purpose treatment for all hair & scalp types and ages, particularly those with sensitive, allergy-prone, tender, or irritated scalps.

It's worth mentioning that if you have a sensitive scalp with an itch, irritations, or inflammation, you should use Activance Alleviate leave-in treatment instead for the first 1-2 weeks to soothe, calm and settle the scalp quickly before reverting to the use of Rapid leave-in treatment.

Please note:
Activance Rapid leave-in treatment is best used in conjunction with our gentle chemical-free Soothing Shampoo and lightweight Activance Conditioner to maximise your hair and scalp benefits and wellness.

Q. 4. Can I use Activance during pregnancy?

A. Yes, Activance is safe to use while pregnant and during preconception, childbirth, and the breastfeeding stages.

We recommend that you DO USE Activance during pregnancy for the following reasons:
During pregnancy, the best and any available nutrients and their stores are diverted to the fetus for exponential growth and development, exposing the mother to a higher risk of vital nutrient deficiency. In turn, Rhodanide deficiency will gradually reduce hair aesthetic, scalp health and accelerate hair damage, thinning premature hair-loss and aging.

The main active ingredient in Activance is Rhodanide*, a vital, versatile, bio-active regenerative molecule that our bodies produce naturally, like vitamin D, for various essential body functions. One of Rhodanide's many biological actions is to invigorate hair growth and improve its structure.

Activance for Postpartum Hair Loss
Pregnancy causes some noticeable changes to your hair, depending on the stage of pregnancy. A remarkable side effect during pregnancy, a good one, is that your hair will often look fuller and thicker due to hormone changes (e.g., increase in estrogen) that keep your hair full and from falling out. After childbirth, benefits from the 'good hair pregnancy hormone' will be lost while the 'bad hair hormones' (prolactin and luteinizing hormones LH) become more dominant/influential. Coupled with stress from delivery & breastfeeding, you might find that you are losing a lot more hair than usual 3 or 4 months after childbirth. It is very common and is called postpartum hair loss, and it could worsen after each subsequent birth.

The good news is that using Activance treatments regularly is not only safe but will help maximise hair growth. Activance strengthens and fattens the entire hair structure from hair follicle/roots to the tips while minimising/reducing the extent of hair-fall and hair-loss after childbirth (postpartum hair loss).

For the best result to minimise the extent of postpartum hair loss, continued and concurrent use of Activance treatments and its shampoos, & conditioner as regular hair & scalp wellness daily routine {i.e., before, during, and after pregnancy) is recommended.

*Rhodanide (thiocyanate) in Activance is a nature-identical, bioactive nutrient molecule found in plants & animals, classified as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) food additive by FDA.

Q. 5. Can I use Activance with other hair products and treatments?

A. Yes, using Activance is not only compatible but will also complement all kinds of haircare or medical hair products and treatments. It enhances and improves performances maximising the intended results while compensating/minimising any negative/adverse effects on hair & scalp health.

Activance leave-in treatments are safe to use in conjunction with your usual styling routine and products. However, always remember to use Activance first before others. Apply your Activance treatment to clean hair and scalp, massage gently, leave-in, do not rinse out. Wait 10 minutes and style as usual. Wait 20 minutes if required to apply other hair care or medical hair & scalp products.

Haircare styling, products, and treatments include:
• Styling (incl. curling irons & blow dryers)
• Colouring (incl highlights, permanent & semi-permanent dyes)
• Perming, keratin, protein, and silk treatments

Medical hair products and treatments include:
• Minoxidil topical (Rogaine or Regaine)
• Hair transplants, both pre-and post-hair transplant treatment

Activance and Hair Transplants
The transplant procedure is traumatising to both hair and scalp.
We recommend that Activance be used in the 4-8 weeks before transplant to invigorate the hair and strengthen the hair follicle structure making it stronger and more viable for transplant, thus increasing the transplant success rate. 

Appling Activance post-treatment helps reduce swelling, inflammation, redness, and bruises caused by the transplant procedure. It will hasten the scalp’s recovery rate while invigorating the transplanted and remaining follicles to promote, maintain, maximise and accelerate hair growth and a healthy scalp.

If in doubt or if your required clarification or assistance to determine the best approach for your personal needs, we recommend that you discuss with a hair hairdresser who has Activance accreditation. Alternatively, you or your hairdresser are welcome to contact our office or the hair health practitioner from our Activance Clinic.

Q. 6. What is the difference between the Activance Wellness and Activance Professional ranges?

A. Both Activance ranges have the same potency in bioidentical hair growth nutrient molecule Rhodanide levels to promote healthy hair & scalp. 
The Activance Professional range is our latest and most advanced formula. Combining the scientifically proven growth nutrient molecule Rhodanide with bioactive botanicals further promotes growth, regrowth, maximises density, increases volume, strength and maintains total hair and scalp health.
The entire Activance Professional range is low allergy, 0% fragrance, while the Activance Wellness range contains fragrance in early formulas (i.e. Activance Original and Plus).

The Activance Professional leave-in treatment Densify products have a Hydration Factor (HF) guide that enables consumers to quickly decide which product will suit their hair and scalp conditions. Densify Formula with Hydration Factor HF 01 is the weightless all-rounder. Densify with Hydration Factor HF 03 is the most hydrating, mending, and enriching, while Densify HF 02 sits in the middle, enjoying the best parts of both HF 01 and HF 03. 
Furthermore, Activance Professional products are only available via professional channels such as GPs, trichologists, and certified hair salons. We also provide access to purchase our Professional Range via our website for Activance Wellness Members. We do this to ensure you receive the proper professional service, advice, and the most appropriate Activance item(s) for your individual needs.

Q. 7. What is Rhodanide?

A. Rhodanide, also known as thiocyanate, is a vital molecule in all living plants and animals. Our bodies produce rhodanide naturally, like vitamin D, for various and diverse body functions. One of Rhodanide's many biological actions is to invigorate hair growth and improve its structure. We wrote an entire blog post about the benefits of this essential molecule