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How does Activance work?

Activance products contain the vital hair nutrients Rhodanide and MSM. These nutrients work in powerful synergy to nourish hair follicles, helping you to naturally thicken and revitalise your hair.

Can Activance be used on sensitive scalps?

Yes. Activance Hypoallergenic products are fragrance free and have been specially formulated to soothe and protect sensitive and irritated scalps.

Can I use Activance during pregnancy?

If applied as directed, Activance is safe to use during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because unlike other hair products or treatments, the active ingredient in Activance — Rhodanide — is naturally produced by your own body.

Can I use Activance with other hair treatments and products?

Activance is often used in conjunction with keratin, minoxidil, protein/silk treatments and Rogaine/Regaine. You should consult with your hair health practitioner to determine the best approach for you.

Activance leave-in treatments are safe to use in conjunction with your usual styling routine. Just apply your Activance treatment to clean hair, wait 10 minutes before applying other products, and then style as usual.

Can I use Activance after chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

Yes. Activance is formulated with gentle, natural products, it can help soothe and calm your scalp while it prepares for healthy new growth. However, you should always check with your oncologist first.

How long should a 200ml and 80ml Leave-In Treatment take to use?

200ml - Everyday use 4 weeks (8 weeks for maintenance).
80ml - Everyday use 2 weeks (4 weeks for maintenance).