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The Activance story begins in Europe more than 50 years ago. After World War II, when infectious diseases plagued the continent, supplements containing the health-boosting nutrient Rhodanide were given to humans and livestock in order to prevent illnesses from spreading. Unexpectedly, as scientists monitored the effects of the supplement on sheep and mink, they started to notice significant changes to the animals’ coats, including increased wool production, quality and shine.

Struck by these mysterious side effects, researchers from leading German universities began to investigate. They discovered that, in fact, Rhodanide is so essential to the biology of both animal and human hair that our own bodies naturally produce it. They also found that just as vitamin D has uses in many different parts of the body, Rhodanide performs several vital functions at once, including strengthening hair, aiding in hair follicle metabolism and fighting off damaging chemicals and free radicals.

After more than half a century of research into Rhodanide’s nurturing effect on hair, European scientists developed the world’s first formula aimed at total hair health: Activance.

Today, following close collaboration with the original researchers, the Hair Health Foundation is proud to manufacture and distribute an enhanced and expanded Activance range worldwide. Building on over 50 years of scientific research, our customers continue to testify that regardless of hair age, type or condition, Activance’s groundbreaking formula with Rhodanide can give you the power to change your hair.

What we believe

I was looking for something different. Something that worked with the body — because after 30 years of being a healthcare practitioner, I believe in working with the body, not against it.

— Arthur Chan, founder of Activance

At Activance, we believe in going beyond hair care — beyond oils, silks, silicones, keratins and proteins that provide only a temporary cosmetic fix.

  We believe in never relying on harsh, damaging chemicals that provide a shortcut to shelf life but do nothing to help your hair.


 We believe in using only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and the most effective levels of vital nutrients Rhodanide and MSM.


 We believe that everyone deserves total hair health: naturally beautiful, healthier hair with thickness, strength and shine.


That's why we believe in Activance, the world's first product range that gives you the power to change your hair.