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The follicle-friendly cleanser and detoxifier


We make sure you get the first step right – that’s why Activance is different!

Our advanced range of highly specialised 100% natural, 100% biobased shampoos and conditioners gently cleanse, detoxify and nourish your hair and scalp. Infusing the bioidentical hair growth nutrient Rhodanide, alongside bioactive and soothing botanicals and protective antioxidants, these truly natural, follicle friendly and gentle formulas are designed to rebalance hair and scalp health to promote and support healthy hair growth.

The Activance Densify leave-in treatment sprays are designed primarily for minimising hair loss and maximising hair growth with our Purify shampoos and conditioner range designed to be secondary supportive items to help maximise the benefits of the former and not as a replacement.

Even though many users over the years have testified that our shampoos and conditioners do help to regrow their hairthis is simply because of their gentle cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing nature rather than the harsh, follicle-hostile agents used in many other shampoos and conditioners.

Considering their short contact time on the scalp and water dilution factor in washing, as an ethical and scientific company, we will definitely not go down the path of misleading the public that use of our shampoos alone will regrow hair.  As a result, for the maximum benefit of total hair health or proper hair growth treatment, they should be used hand in hand regularly together with an Activance Densify spray.

100% Pure and Clean

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    Activance Professional Purify BalancingShampoo 300ml

    PURIFY Balancing Shampoo

    A chemical-free hair and scalp cleanser for oily or dandruff prone scalps Supports healthy hair growth when used in conjunction with a DENSIFY treatment
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    Activance Professional Purify Calming Conditioner 300ml

    PURIFY Calming Conditioner

    A chemical-free conditioner that's great for everyone especially sensitive scalps Supports healthy hair growth when used in conjunction with a DENSIFY treatment
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