Activance Clinic Consulting Services

Offering specialised advice and treatment plans

We welcome your phone and email inquiries, but sometimes your hair and scalp concerns require a more comprehensive treatment plan. Activance Clinic provides one-on-one specialised consultations with Regenerative Health Consultative Pharmacist Arthur Chan. Arthur has worked in regenerative health, specialising in aging, immunity, hair and skin, and general wellness for over 20 years.


During your consultation Arthur will guide you on the best path for you to take control of your health.
At your request, he can work with your medical doctor or GP.

He will review your health conditions, records, pathology results, including current and past medications, treatments, and related regimes or routines.

Answering all questions, inquiries, and concerns and guiding you in setting up your health objectives and priorities.

Arthur provides an independent assessment and honest, professional opinions relevant only to your health and wellness without pressure and influence from drug companies or social media.

Activance Regenerative Health Clinic can arrange pathology testing ordering and interpretation.

Arthur offers prescribing, dispensing and compounding services. Using only clinical and science-based solutions, highest quality ingredients, and the most gentle and appropriate options wherever possible.

Arthur Chan - Regenerative Health Consultative Pharmacist

Through Activance Regenerative Health Clinic Consulting Services, I aim to guide you to achieve your health objectives, achieving positive results that will make a real difference and improve your health and wellness for years to come.


As a consultative pharmacist, I have worked for over 20 years in regenerative health, specialising in aging, immunity, hair and skin, and general wellness. I was building on nine years of experience as a Research and Development Pharmacist in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. My holistic and comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing will enable you to reach your health and wellness objectives without relying on drugs alone.


A 15-minute session is $50, a 30-minute session is $100, a 45-minute session is $150, and a 60-minute session is $200.


The first 15-minute exploratory session of your first consultation is FREE for both Activance Wellness Members and non-members. Our regenerative health consultant will answer your questions on hair or other health issues and concerns during this time. 
Activance Wellness Members will have a 20% saving as part of their membership benefit for all Activance Clinic Consultation Services.


The Consulting Service is more than just the contact time spent. It also includes and is not limited to pre and post-contact time spent on inspecting your past and present medical history, notes, pathology lab test reports, extra info gathered during contact time, providing suggestions or an in-depth treatment plan and their documentation.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is payable at the time of our confirmation of your appointment.


Consultations can be conducted at a location and time that best suits your needs and may include in-house clinic at the pharmacy in North Melbourne or by phone, email, or video conference (personal attendance in our clinic is our recommended option).


Please provide your name and email and click submit on the form below to make a consultation appointment. You will be sent a patient data form requesting information to help during your consultation and asked to select an appointment day and time.

Once submitted, one of our team members will be in touch to confirm your appointment.

The information and references on this website have not been evaluated by governmental or regulatory bodies and departments like TGA, FDA etc. We do not intend to make claims, nor do we aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. Information, references, and testimonies are shared for educational and information purposes only. We highly recommend you consult your health professional practitioner or our regenerative health consultant from our Activance Clinic to discuss your individual case and needs before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are taking medications or have a medical condition. Results vary depending on severity of your hair loss.