*Plus Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss

  • Hair growth treatment that rejuvenates weak, damaged or thinning hair.
  • Enriched with MSM and the ‘vital for hair growth’ molecule rhodanide.
  • Results in 8 Weeks!
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200ml Plus hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box.
Plus hair growth nutrient Eco Pack spray top bottle  and box with two refill bottles.
Plus Combo 200ml hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box plus a 80ml spray top bottle.
Plus Combo 200ml hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box plus a 80ml spray dropper bottle.
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Bioactive Botanicals!

Activance Plus, the 2nd generation bioidentical hair growth formula, works with the biology of our hair to treat & prevent hair loss, shedding, dryness & damage using the same technology as Activance Original.

Developed in 2006 by the founder of Activance, who was previously an R&D pharmacist in the Australian pharmaceutical industry, this scientifically proven formula unleashes the regenerative synergy of hair growth nutrient rhodanide with the hydrating antioxidative power of nature's beauty molecule MSM to deliver a natural & effective solution for hair growth, strength, vitality & health.
  • Resolving hair thinning or hair loss or lifeless, slow-growing, weak or damaged hair or for those who simply want to grow or maintain thick, strong, vibrant hair & healthy scalp.
  • A light to medium weight, moderately enriched, nourishing formula to suit most hair & scalp types, especially those with dry, coloured, damaged or porous hair or dry scalp.
  • A low-allergy fragrant formula, a good choice for those who prefer a formula enriched with extra hydration when needed or preferred without weighing down hair or inducing oily hair or scalp.
  • Activance Plus is suitable for the entire family, all ages & stages, including pregnant & breastfeeding women.
Activance Plus, Original & Rapid have the same hair growth nutrient potency of rhodanide & will deliver these benefits at different speeds depending on the composition.
  • Accelerate & prolong hair growth
  • Revive & energise hair follicles to grow & regrow
  • Reverse & reduce thinning, hair loss & ageing
  • Minimise or stop unwanted hair fall or shedding
  • Promote & maintain thicker, stronger, vibrant hair
  • Strengthen & protect the entire hair structure - root to tip
  • Replenish, hydrate & nourish to boost vitality
  • Purify harmful free radicals to reduce irritation
  • Improve scalp health, hair styling & aesthetic
Stabilised formula ingredients: aqua; alcohol USP (pharmaceutical grade & non-denatured); sodium lactate; dimethyl sulfone (MSM); urea; panthenol; sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); allantoin; fragrance- benzyl alcohol*, geraniol*, d-limonene*, linalool*. *components of natural essential oils.
QUICK! as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
1. Shake the bottle, aim the nozzle close to the affected scalp
2. Part hair, spray direct to scalp, massage briefly
3. Leave in, wait 5-10 minutes & style as usual
NO Residue – NO Mess – NO Stress!

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200ml Plus hair growth nutrient spray top bottle and box.
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11 reviews

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    Hair Nutrient

    Posted by Marilyn on 14th Jun 2023

    I find the products excellent and my hair is looking better with every day use!

  • 5

    Activance Plus Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss

    Posted by Christine on 10th Apr 2023

    Very good product - I started my hair loss program with the plain product - just recently I purchased the Activance Plus - for me it's a very good product - my hair since I started the treatment about a year has improved dramatically. My hairdresser took a photo of my hair before I started on your treatment and he and I can't believe the photo nowadays. However I am very regimented with it - twice a day every day is what is needed as far as I am concerned. Don't know how it would go with female genetic hair loss - mine is age related.

  • 5

    I have had the best result from using Activance

    Posted by Jayne Dexter on 16th Oct 2022

    I had open heart surgery and the recovery period was a slow process, during that time my hair was thinning and looked out of condition and looked terrible. I have long hair and I really wanted to keep it ! Now my hair is better than ever was before my heart surgery and everyone has been telling me how nice my hair is again ( including my hairdresser) It has thickened up and now have my little natural curl back and I hardley loose any hair when I wash or brush. I use Activance Plus and I honestly think it is one of the best products I have ever purchased.

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