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Product Overview

Normalising Shampoo is ideal if you're looking for a deeply nourishing shampoo that promotes faster hair growth and ultimately reduces the amount of hair fall you notice in the shower.

By combining the vital nutrient Rhodanide, MSM & 7 natural plant extracts with Zinc PCA; our Normalising Shampoo deeply cleanses hair while normalising overactive sebaceous glands and calming irritated scalps, helping to not only promote but also maintain thicker, stronger, longer, healthier hair.

Activance Normalising Shampoo is designed to deliver a deep cleanse that remains gentle, soothing and lightweight. Zinc PCA is a natural and extremely gentle anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and anti-fungal agent, effectively cleansing with no irritation or oiliness.

Recommended for those with:

  •     Fine or thinning hair
  •     Irritation or dandruff
  •     Oily hair and scalp

As we use plant-derived cleansing agents, this shampoo creates smaller bubbles for a fine foaming action - so you're not using too little if it doesn't foam up at first!

This Normalising Shampoo works well with our Hypoallergenic Conditioner.

We recommend shampooing twice before conditioning; allowing the first wash to get rid of all the dirt, product and oil build-up, and the second to penetrate each individual strand to create a beautiful shine from within!